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clarity - part three.

| t h r e e |

It began with bottles strewn haphazardly on the floor. Yixing had picked up a full bottle of wine and popped the cork off, guzzling from the spout as if it were nothing more than milk or water. Luhan's guests had looked over to him when he careened through the door but then paid no attention; now their eyes were alert, concerned, as Yixing proceeded to finish off the entire bottle in a matter of seconds. Dude, you're gonna feel really shitty in an hour, some stoned high schooler shouted at him, and Yixing responded by flipping his middle finger at the kid.

Luhan's guests were now shuffling and murmuring quietly as Yixing popped open another bottle, this time Smirnoff. God, vodka tasted wretched, but Yixing wasn't here to join in the party; he was here to get drunk as fuck. Luhan was lying flat on the couch with two girls next to him, and when Yixing flopped down on the divan opposite them, Luhan sat up and waved the girls away. When no one moved, Luhan barked loudly, Get out of my house and go study something! Now the guests were scattering in earnest. Yixing suppressed a chuckle.

When the last of the guests had left, Luhan locked eyes with Yixing and sneered, You look like you just got laid, and since I don't remember fucking you, who'd you sleep with?

Sharp pain. Yixing willed the sensation away, and took another swig before speaking. Wouldn't you like to know?

Luhan's face morphed from a mocking smile to genuine worry now. Come on, Yixing, I was messing around. I know you didn't sleep with anyone.

His name was Kris, Yixing said, remembering that the bartender had greeted the blonde stranger moments before the bathroom encounter. Tall, blonde hair, huge di--

Stop it. Luhan's voice was strained. Why are you doing this?

Oh, does it hurt to think about me sleeping with someone else? Do you actually care? Yixing let out a hysterical giggle. He blew me better than you ever could. The way his lips wrapped around my cock...God, I'm fucking hard at the thought. Maybe I still have his nu--

Luhan was shooting across the room now, and knocking Yixing's phone out of his hands. Before Yixing could say anything more, Luhan was climbing on top of him on the divan, his lips pressing insistently to Yixing's, his fingers intertwining tightly with Yixing's. Yixing was determined not to give in, to keep taunting Luhan, to push him away, but something about this was just so painfully familiar, so vividly everything Yixing wanted, that he gave in. He had wanted to hurt Luhan so badly, to cripple him the way Yixing was debilitated, and here he was, holding Luhan in his arms, as fragile as Yixing had ever seen him.

When Luhan pulled away, Yixing's eyes were still closed, his heart was nearly beating out of his chest, and all he could think was how much he regretted tonight. But Luhan was grinding his body against Yixing's, and now Yixing could only think about reminding Luhan just how good Yixing was at fucking him.

Yixing flipped Luhan onto the floor, tugging off his pants with his teeth like a rabid dog. Luhan was pulling his shirt over his head, and Yixing dived up, biting lightly into Luhan's pale skin and tracing patterns across Luhan's chest with his tongue. Luhan pulled Yixing up, their faces colliding in a beautiful crash, lips and tongue and bare skin. Yixing could feel Luhan's hands cupping his groin, could feel Luhan's lips against his neck, could feel Luhan's legs wrapped around him, and it was simply bliss.

Luhan pushed his boxers off, and held Yixing's face in his hands, whispering softly, I never stopped loving you. Yixing nodded, and wordlessly leaned forward, taking Luhan in his mouth. Luhan let out a hitched gasp, and Yixing needed no further encouragement: he licked the head gingerly and then took him whole, pumping and sucking and reaching down to touch himself with every moan and grunt.

Luhan came almost instantaneously, and then he was pushing Yixing backwards and tearing at his clothes with an almost carnal need. Yixing was naked in a matter of minutes, and Luhan was climbing on top of him. Lips again, lips and bare skin under his fingers. Yixing felt alive and whole and complete. Luhan lowered himself gently on top of Yixing's dick and then, pitching himself forward to kiss Yixing once more, he began to grind. Yixing thrusted forward again and again, and Luhan grew more and more flushed, leaning in to whisper to Yixing, I love you, I love you, I'm sorry, I love you so much, I'm so sorry.
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